New Nudes Thoughts

I’ll start by being honest and admitting… that this is my most expensive pallete!

I usually stick to drug store makeup as palletes can be expensive, and this one will set you back £56.

My overall opinion is that this palette is expensive as hell! But if you love makeup it’s definitely worth it.

This pallete is beyond easy to work with. This sets it apart from a lot of high end makeup that often requires expensive brushes and primers etc. These colours blend like a dream, I’ve genuinely never had anything blend so well.

The colours may look similar but once applied they are very different and there are some really unique shades. My fave thing is that already in 4 days I’ve used them all! My every day look is subtle but not plain so this is the perfect pallete, however for more dramatic looks can we talk about those shimmers! They are so beautiful. I’ve had the least fallout EVER and the pigment is perfect.

Something I love about this which I found rather innovative is Huda’s choice to place a concealer within the pallete. This had made creating a base simple and really helps with looks like cut creases and halo eyes.

Realistically the pallete is pricy. But you get 17 beautiful shades and a concealer so I do think it’s worth it if you save or got some Christmas cash!

LJL Rating: 10/10

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