Worth The Hype?- Maybelline Sky High Mascara

Yes. The answer is simply yes, this mascara is absolutely worth the hype. I’m sure many of you have seen all of the insta reels, TikTok testing vids and in store advertising for this product. Interestingly, this isn’t actually a new product, but rather something that has come into the limelight thanks to TikTok.

I have tried so many mascaras and found that only Benefit works for me. Despite trying many hyped up lash products before, I have always been let down BUT NOT BY THIS ONE! As you can tell I am overly excited, mainly being because it means I don’t need to splash out over £20 each time I run out of mascara anymore. This mascara is just £10 which is the going rate for a popular drug store brand but the results are that of a high end brand.

So as for the product itself… In the picture above I am wearing just two coats. Now you can actually keep layering it up quite easily but I prefer just two coats otherwise it creates a more voluminous effect, which is great as well if you’re going for a more dramatic look. My favourite thing about this is that is doesn’t smudge throughout the day, whereas usually I’m having to wipe under my eye to get rid of any smears. I think for this great price you should absolutely try this product and you can use my Look Fantastic code LFTFUCIAJ for 20% off!

LJL Rating: 10/10

New TK Maxx Haul

Firsty, apologies for the image quality- phone camera is being replaced soon!

A few months ago I had my first ever trip to the beauty section of TK Maxx and those who read my blog know how shocked I was by my finds! This month has gotten even more surprising!

I won’t go into detail about everything that I bought but I thought I’d share some of my best finds. Have a look above for what I’ve purchased (p.s. the reed diffuser was also in a set of two for £4!)

Let’s start with the most exciting…! I managed to get an Anastasia Beverley Hills Highlighting Palette for £25 instead of £45! I’ve ALWAYS wanted one but couldn’t bring myself to spend that much but wow this was such a bargain! I even saw their Subculture and Prism Eyeshadow Palettes for £25 which is insane as I paid £45 for mine! I also bought an ABH liquid lipstick and matte lipstick both for £10 instead of £18! I should note just how many different lipsticks they had available in all different colours! It was difficult not to buy more.

I’m always down to try a new foundation and TK Maxx is great for this. I got 3 foundations from great brands. Natuarally I chose an ABH stick foundatiopn for £10 instead of £25, a Revlon one for £6 instead of £15 and a Stila one for £8 instead of…. I know that most of the TK Maxxs have the Stila foundatiuon and I recommend it as it comes with a brush and a concealer and the coverage is amazing and it feels super lightweight. I also chose Cover FX foundation drops which I highly recommend to anyone who likes full coverage foundation. They mix into foundation with minimal coverage to thicken it and extend the coverage and it works so well. I got this for a huge saving of £5 instead of £36 which is insane!!!!

For anyone who loves Boing concealer from Benefit they are selling this on their website for £8 and this is a beauty must have for anyone with dark circles and saves you £10. Overall I’m so pleased with my beauty finds and have to advise that this would be a great place to get gifts for a beauty lover.

Fortune Favours The Brave Review

Heya guys! Over the past year there has been so much hype over Revolution’s huge range of affordable and diverse eye shadow palettes. My first ever eye shadow palette was one of their originals, ‘What Are You Waiting For?’, and I used it every day for about a year. I decided I’d give one of their newer palettes a try and as tempted as I was by their Two Faced Chocolate Bar dupes, I decided to go for ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’.

I chose this palette because as you can see above, the colour range is huge! I am living for the appearance of the marbled shimmers as they are STUNNING. Moreover, this palette only costs £9.99! That works out 33p per colour. INSANE right?!

True to nature I will be honest with my review. The shimmers are amazing. Really. They are well pigmented and the fallout was minimal meaning that they were creamy enough to sit in place all day. Some of them even double up well as highlighters.

As for the matte shades…hrmmm… They didn’t show up as pigmented as I had hoped. I’ve tried various looks and have used all of the colours and I’ve found that the lack of pigment means that when the shadows are blended, there isn’t a huge distinction between the colours so you have to blend lightly. The blue and green shades seem to be the only ones that didn’t have this issue.

Although the pigment isn’t too intense, the palette as a whole is actually very easy to work with. You can create many subtle looks, and I’ve found that this is the best palettes for brown/purple smokey eyes. If you’re a makeup beginner, or eye shadow isn’t your strong point this palette is for you as it’s easy to work with and let’s be honest, it’s damn cheap for the amount you get! Let me know what you guys think if you already have the palette or are thinking of buying it!

LJL Rating: 7/10

Link to buy the palette: https://www.superdrug.com/Make-Up/Eye-Makeup/Eye-Shadow/Eye-Shadow-Palettes/Revolution-Fortune-Favours-The-Brave-Palette/p/595200