L’oreal Stick Foundations Review

From my previous posts it’s already pretty clear that I worship L’oreal’s foundation range. Once again, I want to share with you all how much I love their Infallible Foundation Stick. I have tried a lot of stick foundations and not loved them at all as I find most of the formulas to be way too solid, but this one here is a winner.

The thing I love the most about these is how creamy they are. They melt straight onto the face, making cream contour the simplest thing to get on board with. I have never been a huge fan of cream contour as I would rather use bronzer, but it’s hard to go wrong with these. They blend out so well, and feel super lightweight on the skin. I also usually find that the colour range for this type of foundation isn’t very good but theres a huge selection here. They’re also only £8.99 which is great considering how long they last.

As for the appearance, it has a satin-like finish with a medium coverage. It really brightens the skin and has a glowy look to it. I would recommend using a setting powder as it doesn’t dry down too quickly, especially on hotter days. Other than that I cannot fault!

LJL Rating: 9/10


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