That Glow Though!

A little too often I get told that I’ve overdone my highlight… I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take this as a compliment. There is something so satisfying about shoving shimmer on my face and I think most of us in the makeup community have to agree on that!

That being said, it can be really difficult to find a highlighter with a great glow, that doesn’t appear cakey and powdery. So here are my fave low budget highlighters- and trust me it was SO hard choosing only three.

Sleek Palette in ‘Solstice’: I’ll start with my fave of all time because oh my this highlighter is something else! The four swatches on the left are from this palette: three of the highlighters are normal powder highlights but the far left swatch shows the cream highlight. I’m not usually a fan of these as I find them to be too sticky but wow this formula works so well, especially on the brow bone and when doubling up as an eye shadow. The colours are so subtle and stay in place all day. There’s a little bit of fallout but nothing major. I’ve found that these work on most skin tones and there are also colour variations so it’s definitely worth a try!

LJL Tip: At the moment its £7.99 instead of £9.99 at

Mua Highlighter in ‘Iridescent Gold’: This is a very close second fave. As you can see from the swatch second in from the right it’s has a gorgeous golden shimmer when it catches the light, so don’t be fooled by it’s icy appearance. There is virtually no fallout on this palette and it’s the cheapest highlight at only £3! Once again this also works on most skin tones. One flaw is that I have tried some of the other colours in the range and the pigment, glow and kickback have all been pretty bad, especially on the shade ‘Pink Shimmer’, so I wouldn’t recommend other colours so much.

I Heart Revolution ‘Unicorn Heart’ Rainbow Highlighter: I have a terrible problem with buying anything that has the word unicorn in it, so when I saw this highlighter and how unique it looked I had to buy it. This is the most shimmery highlighter I have and it’s perfect if you want a beaming glow. The swatch on the far right shows the colours blended as one, but you can easily use the colours individually, although I will warn that the green is quite pigmented. But… this palette isn’t perfect, there is a fair amount of fallout and the product isn’t great for long wear. However, they are a perfect dupe to the ‘Too Faced’ heart highlighters for only £4.99!

Overall, I cannot recommend the Sleek palette enough! If you are looking for something cheap and effective, go for MUA, but if you want something more quirky then Revolution is for you- and they actually have a really nice range of colours.

LJL Rating:         Sleek: 10/10          MUA: 8/10          Revolution: 7/10

Sleek Palettes:

MUA Highlighters:

Revolution Highlighters:

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